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Location: 37919, Knoxville, Tennessee

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Because engine overheating is the leading cause of roadside breakdowns, BG attaches special emphasis to our comprehensive set of cooling system products and tools that ensure reliable performance of vehicle’s cooling system components. The BG Cooling System Service keeps a vehicle’s engine cool all year long BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner PN 540 Over time, rust and scale can build up in the cooling system. When deposits form on heat transfer surfaces, the engine loses the ability to effectively cool off. Buildup also restricts coolant flow, causing overheating and possible engine damage. BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner removes built-up scale, oil, and harsh mineral deposits. It also removes tough residues caused by oil fouling and coolant inhibitor breakdown. Prevents overheating Prevents cooling system damage Extends cooling system life BG Universal Super Cool® PN 546 Over time, protective additives in engine coolant become depleted. Degraded coolant can be acidic and incapable of protecting the components in the system. This results in damaging corrosion in the formation of rust, scale, and other debris that prevent proper engine temperature regulation. Left untreated, this condition may cause leaks, overheating, and other drivability problems. BG Universal Super Cool® protects against foaming and corrosion and restores critical coolant additive balance and coolant pH. Prevents leaks Prevents overheating Extends cooling system life...

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Location: 37919, Knoxville, Tennessee