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1982 Pinzgauer 710K

Price: (23 bids)     $1,284
Time Left: 3 d, 41 min    (Nov 21, 2017 22:14:26 UTC)
Make: Pinzgauer
Condition: Used
Location: 40390, Wilmore, Kentucky

Seller's Notes:

1982 Pinz 710K. This truck will need some work. Front floors are rusted pretty bad. Because of that steering mount is not solid. Previous owner started taking inside items loose for some reason??? Looks like most are here. Has the pinzssi electronic conversion($800) Tires are good, and spare. Truck starts,runs,and drives, but I would not drive long distance because of steering. It comes with 2 new replacement floor panels and their supports. Heat exchanger has been removed. I will try to answer any questions I can. Please look at pics. Thanks....

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Location: 40390, Wilmore, Kentucky