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Price: (46 bids)     $2,900
Time Left:    (Jan 21, 2018 02:30:00 UTC)
Make: Honda
Model: Honda 200s
Condition: Used
Location: 49878, Rapid River, Michigan
VIN Report:

Seller's Notes:

Up for auction once again due to a buyer trying to scam me! this is a one owner Atc 200s. This trike is for a serious collector who want an all original bike! This is the nicest condition atc I have personally ever seen. This trike has no cracks in the plastic, no dents or scratches in the rims, no weather checking or plugs in the tires, red line clearly visible , and all original decals in perfect shape except right side 200s that has very small strip on very bottom missing. (see pics). There are very light scratches on the rear fenders but are not visible in the pics and have to be in the right light to see. The wheels have never been off and original cotter pins are still inside the axle nuts. The brakes have never been adjusted. Bike stops on a dime from any lever with the slightest touch! The brake lever skins are 100% in tact with no tears. The case, frame, gas tank, and forks have no chips! This 200s is the first bike I have ever seen with the original air filter in it and perfectly intact and clean. Bike has always had marine fuel in it since new- which displaces moisture, has anti-corrosive properties, and helps prevent carbon build up. The gas tank is spotless on the inside with no rust. The exhaust does not even have the black paint baked of right next to the head! One pull start and idle. All lights work . No punctures in seat. I rode this bike one time up an down my paved driveway and shifted it through the gears and it was like it was brand new! This bike is alm...

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Location: 49878, Rapid River, Michigan