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Price: (15 bids)     $7,810
Time Left:    (Nov 22, 2017 00:52:36 UTC)
Make: Corbin Sparrow
Condition: Used
Mileage: 3936
Fuel type: Electric
Location: 75204, Dallas, Texas
VIN Report:

Seller's Notes:

This is a fun car. People will line up to take pictures with it. They always ask: "What year is it?" and I answer: "2054"... that gets a laugh. If you have a business and want to advertise it, adding a logo onto the car will get you a lot of eyeball exposure, that's for sure. Only 289 of these originals were ever built by Corbin Motors, so this is a collectible item. Corbin Motors were way ahead of their time. They sold originally for $14,000. You'll love this vehicle, it's a lot of fun to drive around. I'm only selling it because my wife is making me do it :( I didn't have any problems with the vehicle, but spare parts are available on-line. It was built from parts that are also used for other vehicles. It registers with Department of Transportation as a motorcycle since it has only 3 wheels. It's electric, max speed: 75 miles per hour, on a full charge it will travel about 40 miles. So, it's a fun car for an urban commute. There's a heater in the car, but no A/C. Super easy to drive. Also, a lot of fun, because the electric motor lets you take off faster than gas engines. Believe me, no matter what luxury car you'll be parked next to, people will be more interested in Sparrow! It will bring a smile to both kids and adults. The car is in a great shape, just very minor scratches on the body. The symmetrical golf-size circles that you see on the fenders are a part of the design. One thing to point out, here's a crack on the windshield (plz, see the picture, it never bothered m...

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Location: 75204, Dallas, Texas