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Price: (39 bids)     $286
Time Left:    (Jan 20, 2018 17:59:58 UTC)
Make: Volvo
Model: S80
Body type: Sedan
Condition: Used
Mileage: 183806
Engine: T6
Exterior Color: Gold
Interior Color: Beige
Fuel type: Gasoline
Location: 32514, Pensacola, Florida
VIN Report:

Seller's Notes:

This Volvo runs and drives but has a couple problems, let me also say to start that this twin turbo is quite fast too. Overall, the body looks pretty good and the interior isn't bad either (some leather wear, and other minor aging). The pictures show the state of the interior and exterior fairly well, so I'll get to the problems: When I first bought this car (about 6 years ago) I spent 9 days doing extensive maintenance (rebuilding both turbos, changing the timing belt, tuning the steering/suspension, changing fluids, etc). Long story short, I decided not to change the head gasket at that time. It slowly developed a head gasket problem over the years I drove it, you can see evidence of it as smoke comes out of the tailpipe (most visible at idle). I decided to stop driving it about 2 years ago and it has sit in the shade since (I run it every now and then and take it up and down the road). My plan had been to replace the head gasket when I got the time and have it as a second car, however I'm now starting the applications process for grad school and don't have time to do this. If you're a mechanic or at all mechanically inclined, this could be a good deal for you. The full head gasket set is less than $200 for this car, which is all it needs. Since it has been sitting (and irregularly driven/not always having a battery connected) it has developed 2 error messages. The 1st is "SRS Airbag Service Urgent" and 2nd is "Transmission Service Requested". I happen to know the first can...

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Location: 32514, Pensacola, Florida