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Audi VW Engine Belt Adjust Locking Timing Tool Kit VAG Petrol Diesel Set Product Overview Application:engine timing tool kit compatible with a wide range of Audi and VW modelsalso suitable for Skoda and Seatlocking pins, tools for the camshaft, crank shaft and moremade of robust and durable carbon steelplastic case protects from dirt and damageContains: 1 x engine timing tool kit for VW and Audi 1 x strut nut socket for diesel fuel injectors1 x crankshaft locking pin to hold the crankshaft and lock the camshaft1 x diesel injection pump locking pin to lock the injection pump sprocket in 1.9 LD/SD/SDI/TD/TDI and the camshaft with TDI pump-jet engines1 x locking pin for fixing the tensioner when changing the timing belt1 x diesel injection pump locking pin for TDI pump nozzle 1 x toothed belt marking plate to lock the timing belt and TDI pump nozzle1 x locking tool for camshaft 1.4 l/1.6 l 16 V petrol engines1 x timing locking tool for crankshaft timing gear with 1.2/1.4/1.9 l TDI pump nozzle1 x camshaft adjustment tool for 1.9 l TDI and SDI, without disassembling the valve cover1 x camshaft adjustment gauge to hold the camshaft and pump shaft in place during belt replacement and installation of injection pump1 x threaded rod to tension the drive belt1 x timing belt tensioner pin to lock the timing belt tensioner when releasing pressure from the belt 1 x camshaft adjustment tool for 1.9 l TDI, without disassembling the vavle cover1 x stop mandrel to lock the injection pump wheel...

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Location: , 温州