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Product features: Auto KISHO glass coating is different from the concept of coating、waxing and sealing glaze,Form the crystallization of real film layer on the surface of the paint effectively protect the pain for a long time, prevent environmental harm to the paint,KISHO Glass coating will rise to the concept of car maintenance protection level,It is the highest level of automobile paint beauty. KISHO Glass coating used material is silicon dioxide,it is also known as quartz,The glass coating of my company main component is a polysiloxane, silica is a polymer, which polymer the nanoscale in the paint surface forming ,the spacer layer has a certain hardness, UV resistant, anti-oil, anti-acid, hydrophobic, oleophobic features to protect the paint. Are the Glass coating products resistant to high temperatures? The crystal itself has the characteristics of high temperature (within 200 ℃), can effectively prevent the sun to reflect the external heat radiation to prevent high temperature and ultraviolet light on the paint damage. What is the advantage of KISHO plating compared to other products? The performance of KISHO crystal is the result of testing and approval by the Japan Coatings Association. Many brands on the market are barely able to take out the test report to the customers. The performance of the products is basically different from that of the products. of. There are many users in the world in use, good reputation, product stability, we must try, the effect will ...

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Location: 77372, Splendora, Texas