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M998 1987 8500 miles, On-road title, 4 hard doors, fording intake and exhaust

Price: (23 bids)     $6,809
Time Left: 3 d, 8 h, 37 min    (Nov 22, 2017 06:10:45 UTC)
Make: Am General
Condition: Used
Location: 84042, Lindon, Utah

Seller's Notes:

Starts, shifts and runs well. New glow plugs, 4 hard doors (pics will be added), heater works, as do the lights, on-road title, fresh crank case oil and antifreeze, keyed ignition switch, tires 70% tread, hand brake works, front cv boots are cracked, weighs 5200, fording intake and exhaust, original paint and markings, rear curtain and cover included. One layer of original paint....

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Location: 84042, Lindon, Utah